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Position Details: Big Data Engineer-Assurance / Digital : Big Data Testing (Hadoop

Location: San Jose, CA
Openings: 1


Architect and design solution, including hands work to build Develop scripts and Manage Big Data Stack to support Platform And Application Development.
- HDFS  deep expertise  - Must
- Apache Spark deep expertise - Must
- Python / Scala - One of them required

Manage the data lake, help prepare the data (including lot of video and image data) for all applications.
Enable application performance, Optimization of data storage, Fast retrieval 
Metadata management
Data Structures how to use, Programming Skills, Fundamentals ( for ex. indexing)   - key requirement
 Write Spark programs. Spark Context, Refactoring  - key requirement

Bachelor Engg . Comp Sc. ( preferred)

1) Years of experience required for position  (In Big data 5 yrs, Overall around 10+years)

2) Location for the position 
San Jose, CA

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